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Ericsson.  A multinational telecommunications company shaping the future of mobile broadband internet communications, helping to create the most powerful communication companies in the world. An incredible client to work with - along with that fact I had to fly to Plano, Texas, an affluent hub of corporate headquarters to complete the job.

This workshop, run by Group Partners aimed to have an exciting conversation with the Ericsson team and the aim was to articulate Ericsson’s vision between now and 2020 which includes bringing out the next generation 5G. They needed a vision, almost like a bumper sticker, or ‘go to’ that could be referenced quickly but efficiently. Group Partners engage in high strategy workshops for clients through the use of visual and strategic thinking, creating a stimulating and energetic conversation where perspectives and thoughts visually grow in front of your eyes. It’s all about having the RIGHT conversation rather than beating around the bushes. Combining high strategy with high engagement and putting a stop to meeting rooms with no windows and the dreaded death by Powerpoint!

My role as Content Ninja, meant that I was required by the client to capture the two-day workshop, providing imagery of the wall, stills, videos and a time lapse all using equipment such as a Gopro, Leica, Mevo and Osmo gadgets. In addition, note taking and actively listening during the process in which the conversation goes from 0-100 was critical in building an overall summary which is then given back to the client in report form. Additionally, like in my other work, providing a millennial perspective to this big corporate was important. In order to correctly and significantly articulate their vision, it would have to resonate with someone like me in order for it to resonate with the entire organisation and their customers.  It was also interesting to ask this corporate giant ‘what does their future look like’ when it is so difficult and nearly impossible to predict the future itself! Being able to watch and interact with such a high level of strategy was incredible to be a part of and gave me a glimpse into corporate life which involved a lot of technical jargon and potential for greater human connections, passion and inspiration.