The BackStory


Hi, Hello and Welcome,

to my brand new website and to a brand new Claudia Amy Salador.

Over the last few months, quite a few things have changed, the most prominent being that I am no longer in full time employment. Instead I have created a brand and freelance business that I run myself. I feel like an explanation for this has been a long time coming, particularly because whilst I was finding my feet, I’ve avoiding explaining myself to people and have been a little MIA.

I feel like it’s right to start at the very beginning, because according to Julie Andrews, it’s a very good place to start.

Growing up entailed the arduous and constant question, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’. Being good natured and polite, despite the question driving me completely mad and having absolutely no idea of the answer I’d always answer ‘I don’t know’. I’d never known what I wanted to do, what my purpose was, what I was passionate about. But what I did know, was that I’d accomplish the ‘classic’ cycle that I thought I was destined for. I’d complete my GCSES, my A-Levels, apply to university, graduate and start in an entry level position at a corporate giant and work my way up.

I’ve always been the type of person who worked extremely hard, never asked questions and did as I was told. I graduated from the University of Leeds with a 1st class degree in Communications and Media and landed an incredible grad scheme at a great PR company in central London. A peachy set up some may say.

However, half way through my three month introductory graduation scheme, I had a blinding insight. It smacked me in the face as to what I DID NOT WANT. I did not want to commute every day, sitting starring at a screen day after day...I wanted more. After having panic attacks that came like waves, an weight on my shoulder that I had no passion for anything, my passion, that I had spent so long searching for and stressing out about was right in front of me and I had never realised it. It’s a very important and incredibly large passion, which is LIFE. I’m aware at 22 that this is an enormous statement to make and I’m fairly sure everyone is aware and feels the same, but, surprisingly, very few do anything about it.

I decided I wanted to live my life how I wanted to live it, not how society expected me to live it. This meant not being what was expected but what was meaningful - to me and allowing my experiences to show me my path and direction. This journey means continually defending my decisions to those who disbelieve, making tough decisions about how to carve up my time, really figuring out what I can do - my skills, my passions. It means long days and nights wondering if I am nuts. It means hard work thinking about things that I had never thought about before - my products, my value, my marketing and my brand. How would I make a living? Would people invest in me as a person? Many questions and multiple answers. Nothing that I had been taught in school or university. But what this journey will give me, is more determination to succeed.

These last few months have allowed me to figure out a lot of things. I’ve stuck to my guns. I’ve built my brand. I’m continuing to develop my products and I’m constantly learning what works, what doesn't work and how to enjoy everything life throws at me.


Bring it on!


Claudia Salador

Founder & CEO



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