I live with mantra of ‘having the courage’ and leaving full time employment in pursuit of living a life that was meaningful for me has allowed me to rediscover my love for taking care of myself. We’ve all been there where we’ve been too busy, lazy and have had every excuse known to man for treating ourselves to a little ‘me’ time - even though we know that it keeps us sane. Whether its eating nutritious quality food, meditating or going for a run, the endorphins you gain from these can change your whole mood.


For me, fitness and healthy living has been important for nearly two years. It has given me a purpose and continuous knowledge about a subject that I’m interested in. In turn, its given me a passion that I didn’t think I had and made me realise that there is nothing more important than being happy within yourself. I have now turned this passion into a reality (despite some initial doubts) but by being courageous I finally did something about it and am now a certified personal trainer with my own fitness studio. 




With the market being so saturated in personal trainers, including regular doses of tips and tricks on social media, there is a constant overwhelming pressure in comparing yourself to others. I do not want this to play a part in the way I train my clients. I wanted to drill down to the basics and find out what gave me the courage and inspiration to get into the gym and start my own journey… that lightbulb moment! Yes, I was starting to look good which meant I felt good but the real passion and excitement came from the positivity I gained. That’s what I want to encompass in my brand LYVE and what I want my clients to get out of it.  




A twist on the word live and ‘to maintain and support one’s existence’.


Your body is extremely powerful and enables you to go about your daily life. It needs to be taken care of, looked after and treated properly. We all know that exercise, training, fitness - whatever you like to call it, is important alongside having a nutritionally balanced lifestyle, but what is often forgotten about is your mind. Your brain is just as powerful as your body and also supports your existence. It needs to be fed with positive energy, mindfulness and motivation, something that good food and exercise cannot provide. My aim to is holistically take the body as a whole into consideration. There is a stereotypical stigma of becoming obsessive with your appearance. You can be the fittest person on the outside but if you’re unhappy on the inside then it defies the purpose of living and can really affect your mindset. Mental and physical fitness go hand in hand and focusing on both the outside and inside is key. 


As a CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER, with my own fitness studio, I’m excited to share my knowledge and motivate you to feel good both on the outside and the inside. I want you to become the most confident version of yourself, set yourself a goal and go above and beyond reaching it. LYVE by Claudia Amy Salador aims to keep your body and mind FIT, choosing the right FUEL to keep you going and for you to FEEL like the best and most UNIQUE version of you.


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