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Working under the collective of Media Assessment Limited which is the main umbrella for the subsidiaries Nicole Yershon Consultancy, Rough Diamond and Lab for Hire, my portfolio lifestyle is fully supported and exploited within this continuing case study as and when it is needed.

My main body of work thus far concerns Rough Diamond, the publication and educational side of the business which includes a No.1 Best Seller on Amazon ‘Rough Diamond: Turning Disruption into Advantage in Business and Life’ and her online course on Intrepreneurship on My journey started for Nicole by essentially helping to edit the book prior to its publishing - this was a mammoth task to be completed in 3 days before the print deadline. As her executive assistant, my strengths are Nicole’s weaknesses, particularly regarding organisation which is when I was was invited to launch her book with her in Los Angeles at the end of October for a fortnight. This trip involved lots of scheduling and organising of meetings, podcasts (such as Innovation Crush), interviews and a whole lot of connecting with interesting people I had the pleasure of meeting. The trip was a success and the logistics and planning went underway to organise a London launch which myself and the Managing Director of BeamTV London hosting at their HQ with over 100 attendees. The book is now an Amazon Number 1 Best Seller. Nicole and I are still working together to collaborate more launches around the globe and aiming to inspire more people with the story of Rough Diamond and the Rough Diamond programme. 

Regarding the separate subsidiary, Lab for Hire, I collaborated with the team towards an event ‘Disruption Summit Europe’ for Disruption Magazine in September 2018. This involved running and overseeing the Innovation LAB on the day of the event and working with the team from the start of 2018 to September to target content, speakers, panels and ‘disruptive’ technologies to showcase. Essentially, an exhibit of full on disruption! The event was the biggest so far and a huge success. Here’s to to Disruption Summit Europe 2019!