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JOB TITLE: Recruitment coordinator

The philosophy of My Method really fits into my brand and attitude too. Additionally, the closeness of wellbeing, Yoga, Pilates and Personal Training all compliment each other which is why I feel that working together is a great match and thoroughly enjoyable. Being involved in a start up is also very exciting when helping create and curate new processes (such as the recruitment one) that have the potential to be scaled up...

My Method's founder Alix believes that 'busy lives shouldn't stand in the way of health and wellbeing' - something I can totally relate to and agree with. My Method is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of Pilates and Yoga in Greater London and will be expanding further afield in the near future. With fitness trends always changing, and Pilates and Yoga becoming more popular than ever used not just for physical benefits but mental benefits too - My Method caters the perfect session for you whether that's complementing an existing training regime, rehabilitation after illness/injury or simply toning up and getting stronger, sessions are tailored specifically to you, are safe, effective and direct to your door. No matter how busy life is, and with the population wanting immediate access to everything, your personal goals and wellbeing is catered for. 

Without fantastic teachers, there would be no supply, so ensuring a constant flow of recruitment opportunities and keeping extremely organised and on top of the on boarding process has proved critical when taking on so many new teachers.