Portfolio Preneur

A Millennial Entrepreneur Living The Portfolio Life

No longer do I have to dread the trudge to work in the rain, sitting at a desk all day until after 6pm and commuting on the Tube during rush hour dreaming about the things I’d love to do and accomplish and feeling like the only reason I needed to go to work is to get paid. We are living in a world where more opportunities are becoming possible, boundaries are getting broken and stereotypes are getting smashed. Today's world is moving fast and is open to all. But, it seems to be moving exponentially faster and we must adapt with it. To succeed… you need to hustle and you need to be courageous...



Having found the courage within myself as an individual, I still need to earn a living. Putting this courage to work is the equivalent of a 9-5 job but instead, it allows me to live life and do what is meaningful for me. I have chosen to put my courage to work by choosing the portfolio life - like an artists portfolio. Change the pages of artwork to pages of case studies and experiences of work doing what you’re good at and doing what you love. Choosing to progress in the roles I find more fulfilling and enjoyable. It is the ability to combine my interests and passions in a creative way. I’ve decided to have the courage not to be pigeon holed into having one title on a business card but being anything and everything I want to be. We are not just what we do. We are not just the title on our business cards but are multifaceted human beings, most fulfilled when doing numerous things we love. We were made for more than just one thing. Our lives are a portfolio of activities which make up who are us as individuals. In this current climate, I actually find it hard to imagine something that only does one thing. I get bored doing one thing. This is how the world of work is and how the cycle of work is portrayed. I've realised, along with a whole host of millennials that we are happier doing more than one thing - lots of things - lots of things we enjoy. It is now acceptable to have a range of strings to your bow including jobs on the side, working from home or from your favourite coffee shop and therefore are able to do your job and pursue your hobbies and passions. Life is more for living than ever before.

Although, as uplifting and inspiring as this may sound. It’s scary! A melting pot of others opinions, taboos, a means of survival in how to earn your way. The stereotypical concern that many have expressed to me that I ‘have not had any experience’. At 22, you are not typically expected to have an opinion by a lot of people in business. At least, not one that many people will accept. But luckily, I have found that it’s possible to identify some that will. They will be enlightened enough to recognise that they might find value in listening to people like me. I represent an entire generation. Like all generations we come in a variety of types sizes and shapes - some good and some not so much. But it’s a massive mistake to think we can be all classed in one variety.

There are people out there (and increasingly more of them) that realise that our generation can really deliver value. We can be objective, we can be honest about what inspires us, we have a different approach to business and the business models that we definitely don’t buy into. We have ideas, we are not afraid to get involved in the next technology, nor afraid to get our hands dirty and have grown up as digital natives.

Living as a 'portfolio preneur' and putting courage to work includes all of the above as well as making, executing and managing a whole host of things including: PR, creative execution, events, social, media planning, media buying and content creation. Therefore I have gathered a numerous number of case studies under my belt, this way of working has allowed me to be creative in ideation, support clients with millennial knowledge, have my knowledge and skills on hire, plus, my love of getting s*!t done can be very refreshing.


This is my portfolio. The life that I have coined for myself and putting the courage I have to work. The portfolio lifestyle - the life of a portfolio preneur.


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