Job Title: Chief Press Fairy of International and Magical Affairs

Wisher is a social wish list platform, founded in 2015. It has enabled over £1 million worth of wishes to be granted through the app in over 124 countries ranging from laptops, hot tubs to holidays. Their mission is to build the next generation of commerce for brands and millenials. How to do this? Create ‘The Wish Factory’, an immersive pop up environment in Westfield Stratford shopping mall over the month of December.

Retail, as a marketplace is highly competitive and complex. Along with this comes experiential, an extremely fashionable, popular and growing part of the brand marketer's toolkit. Wisher’s ‘Wish Factory’  is this new form of retail. Demo areas for retailers and a way in which brands can create fresh and different social content whilst capturing interest and desire for the products through the social wish list app. This creates a ‘Generation of Buzz’ with product demos creating a more unique consumer environment, collaborating products that do not necessarily have their own storefront. It allows for a fun, interactive, unique, playful and social environment with the ability to express intent in buying the product via the app merging entertainment, technology and traditional shopping.

As a millennial myself, and the objective of the brand being to provide a unique experience to this generation, I was able to share my thoughts and ideas as the month went on. Specifically,  my role was to create engagement and interaction on social media over the month, capture content to send to brands and use for Wisher publicity and collaborate with press, digital publications and influencers in order to drum up attention. The job involved working on location at Westfield capturing content and interacting with the incredible brands that were there including Lenovo, Beats, Inokim, DJI, Braun and Go Get Glitter. Additionally, I connected with publications and press over the month and overall achieved increased Instagram followers, increased social awareness which led to app downloads, two collaborations with influencers allowing for more content to be shared, attendance at the pop up from The Culture Trip, an interview secured in Retail Tech Innovation Hub online and most importantly I feel; ‘do’s and don’ts’ in order to replicate this test in another mall. As a case study, this proved to be extremely valuable in understanding, testing and learning to take on and apply to more locations worldwide.