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We are living in a world where more opportunities are becoming possible, boundaries are getting broken, and stereotypes are getting smashed. We live in a world that has always moved fast and is open to all. But, it seems to be moving faster and we must adapt with it. To succeed… you need to hustle and you need to be courageous...

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For me, fitness and living a healthy lifestyle has been important for nearly two years now. It has given me a purpose and continuous knowledge about a subject that I’m interested in. In turn, it's given me a passion that for a long time I didn’t think I had. I have now turned this passion into a reality (despite some initial doubts), but by being courageous, I finally did something about it and am now a CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER WITH MY OWN FITNESS STUDIO. 

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Having the Courage.

'Having the courage' has become my new personal brand tagline. It is this courage that has allowed me to go on my journey. It is this courage that has allowed and is allowing the millennial generation of today, now more than ever before to incite change not just in industry, tech and innovation but for themselves. It is this courage that is allowing them to become unique individuals inhabiting our incredible planet today. No longer are we a generation of robots, filing in and out of the same outdated system - like a prison, nodding along and entranced to what we're being told and what is expected of us. Interestingly, I used to enjoy this way of life, I wasn’t very courageous and played along with what society expected from me, but after experiencing the stereotypical working life and realising that life is too short to go along nodding to the commands of this 'system', I had to do something about it.


Where did the courage come from?


Things are changing and noticing what is going on around me has been the catalyst to my courage. I’ve become more curious, brave, fearless, taking more risks and questioning the ‘why’. It is thought that we should know the answers to everything, and if you didn’t know, someone else did, and if they don’t know then you’d Google it, or ask Siri or Alexa. But the truth is, it’s ok not to know all of the answers. In fact, I think that makes you more courageous to say that you don’t know. It’s authentic, it’s truthful and ok. It means that we can find the answers together. In society, I’ve witnessed the frustration and pressure first hand in feeling frightened about what adult life brings. There is a gap in society when it comes to having this inner strength to truly ‘do you’ and live a life that’s meaningful to you, not meaningful to the system or society we are in.  

I want to use these insights and my own passion for honesty, transparency and courage as a force of good. For me, courage has given me my entrepreneurial life and everything I now represent.

Courage in the 21st century and in the millennial generation is being redefined.








Courage is something that everybody wants. It’s an attribute of good character that makes us worthy of respect. It’s not just exemplary tales of bravery for the greater good in fairy tales and Hollywood movies but it is also tales of risk taking, endurance, mental stamina and innovation. Courage comes in all shapes and sizes and for different individuals it can include following your heart, feeling fear yet choosing to act, standing up for what is right, persevering in the face of adversity, facing suffering with dignity and expanding your horizons; letting go of the familiar.  All of these options show how courage is unique, you use it and own it how you see fitting, use it uniquely to you and stay strong whilst doing so.

On my journey, the word COURAGE is always cropping up. A word so simple, innocent and a trait I never associated with myself started to represent something so strong, power and inspiring. Courage is a choice, a choice that will navigate individuals towards a more valuable and conscious life through self belief, confidence, empowerment, strength, inspiration and positive affirmations. It can become a visual symbol and movement acting as a reminder for individuals to 'Have the Courage' within themselves. We live in a world that so full of comparison and stressful pressures regarding ourselves. Our identities are getting lost and conditioned in a highly dangerous way without a simple way out. Having the courage to appreciate the smaller things in life and make yourself a priority is what it’s all about.


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